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1602 Carolina St, Ste D5
Bellingham, WA, 98226

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American made and crafted bags for fun times. Sewn bags and other products focused on quality materials, affordability and craftsmanship.

High Above Team

Here’s the team who puts blood, sweat, and tears into every hip pack that walks out our doors.

John ‘jc’ canfield

Our fearless leader, JC, started High Above in 2011 from a spare room in his apartment in Seattle. After escaping the hectic city, JC headed north for a life full of loam, cider, and tots. When he’s not sewing till his fingers bleed you can find him BSing at the nearest bike shop or eating a bag of Juanita chips.

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mindy mccutcheon

Mindy, aka the Adult in the Room, thankfully made the leap from roadie to wanna be shredder. The scars on her body tell you she takes the whole “if you’re not bleeding, you’re not trying hard enough” attitude quite literally. If she’s not riding a bike, she’s probably hanging out at yoga or with her cats.


arrow the spacewolf

You know how they say humans and their dogs embody each other? Arrow and John take this to an entirely new level. Arrow, a derpy Labradoodle with a heart of gold is never far from the heels of his human. If you ever have the pleasure of riding Galbraith’s ‘Spacewolf’ you’ll quickly understand how fun, quirky, obnoxious, and straight up rad Arrow is.