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BCLL First Aid Pouch

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BCLL First Aid Pouch


Lightweight packing systems need deeply thought out solutions and an elegant, simple first aid setup is one of them. We’ve teamed up with Backcountry Lifeline to create this little beauty! A waterproof X-Pac zip bag sports a high-quality weatherproof #8 YKK zippers with two internal pockets to stay organized.

Backcountry Lifeline believes safety and emergency preparedness is every mountain biker's responsibility. To that end, we believe all riders should carry at least basic first aid supplies (and know how to use them), so that we will all be prepared to help other riders (or ourselves) when accidents occur.

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First Aid Supplies:

  • BCLL Patient Assessment Card

  • Allergy-safe nitrile gloves (size medium) 

  • CPR breathing barrier

  • Roller gauze

  • Celox hemostatic powder

  • 2 x Non-Adherent gauze pad

  • 2 x Diphen antihistamine packet

  • 2 x Asprin packet

  • Mini Sharpie

  • Mini Bic Lighter 

  • Emergency Blanket