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American made and crafted bags for fun times. Sewn bags and other products focused on quality materials, affordability and craftsmanship.

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Care & Contact

High Above bags are built for abuse, but taking care of your equipment is vital to keep it running smoothly over the long run.

ZIPPER CARE- Zippers take more abuse than most parts of a bag. Ours are no exception. In order to keep your bag running well, it’s important to periodically clean out dirt and debris accumulates over time. When the zipper gets clogged, the teeth either 1. have a hard time meshing together or 2. fail to mesh together when closing. Reefing on a dirty zipper is a sure fire way to damage it!

CLEANING- DO NOT put High Above products in the washing machine.  We recommend spraying your bag with the hose and scrubbing it with a soft nylon brush, if need be. Does it stink? Good. That means you've been using it. 


We love hearing from our fans! Stoked on your new bag? Have suggestions? Thoughts? Criticisms? Fan Mail? Hate Mail? Chain Mail? Poems? Recipes? DJ requests? Medical Advice? Short Stories? Long Stories?

Basically, get in touch.


Some place Special

Bellingham is nestled in the most northwestern corner of the Continental US. From our little outpost of 80,000 people, High Above dreams up, tests, and launches new products for the world to enjoy. Come visit, just don't forget your mountain bike.

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1602 Carolina St, Ste D5, Bellingham, WA 98229

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