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American made and crafted bags for fun times. Sewn bags and other products focused on quality materials, affordability and craftsmanship.



Anne Gaylean

Anne started racing downhill during her senior year of college and spent the next 6 years racing lift-assisted big bikes. She started pedaling while earning her PhD in nanoanalytical chemistry at UNC Chapel Hill and was soon racing pro Enduro aboard the Yeti/Fox National Factory Enduro Team. She spent 2017 winning the Big Mountain Enduro series and Scott Enduro cup series overall pro women titles as well as completing a postdoctoral research project designing nanobiosensors for monitoring oxygen gradients in bacterial biofilms at the Colorado School of Mines. In 2018, Anne took a step back from racing to focus on her science career and she is now a pro ambassador for Yeti, SRAM, Industry Nine, Ergon, Troy Lee Designs, and Dynaplug focusing on coaching and encouraging more women to race bikes. Anne now works full-time as an environmental toxicology consultant in Seattle, WA and is a PMBIA certified mountain bike instructor. She plans to race the 2019 Trans BC and spend more time coaching MTB skills and enduro race-specific clinics.

IG: @annegalyean
FB: /annegalyean

pc: Matthew DeLorme (@mdelormephoto)


Hannah Bergmann

Hannah hails from Hood River, Oregon. Her passion for riding comes from her dad- an avid biker and racer. He kick started her addiction by giving her his old mountain bike in high school. After moving to Bellingham for college, Hannah fell in with the wrong right crowd at Kona bikes and became even more involved with the MTB scene. She took the Cascadia Dirt cup overall title for the pro womens field this past year and competed in her first EWS race at Whistler. Some of her race plans for 2019 include more EWS races, Trans BC, and maybe a DH race or two... Her favorite places to ride include techy trails in Pemberton and Squamish, as well as the local trails in Bellingham. When Hannah is not being a boss on the bike, she’s studying hard at Western Washington University, working at the Kona Bike Shop, or getting her adrenaline fix skiing, kiteboarding, or climbing.

IG: @hannahbergemann


Rosara Joseph

Rosara is an expat Kiwi who spent many years living a double life studying law and racing a mountain bike in beautiful places around the world. After 8 years on the World Cup XC circuit she saw the light and spent a couple of years racing the Enduro World Series and learning the true pain of arm pump. She’s now happily washed up and living in Squamish, BC, where the options for fun and adventure are endless.

IG: @rosarajoseph

pc: @skyeride & Transition Bikes


Spencer Paxson

From Washington with Vermont influences, lives in Bellingham with badass wife and energetic small child and no dog. 176.5cm, 70.3Kg, peculiar hybrid form at home on <1” to 2.5” tread, 35mm to 100mm stems, curly to flat bars, uphill and downhill, steep and flat. Evolved from strong cross country and endurance roots with notable displays of aggression in marathon, enduro, all mountain, cyclocross, road, etc. Six years on the World Cup Circuit and UCI World Championships, lots of 2nd, 4th, 6th, 11th and other “almosts" domestically. Now a racer/coach/GIS analyst with growing small business (Peak Energy LLC). Comfortable in spandex super-suit XC races, cyclocross, multi-day blind enduros, and ultra-endurance challenges involving getting from Point A to B no matter the odds. The 2019 season will comprise the 30th year on two wheels. Looks forward to expanding his repertoire in the ever-growing culture of mountain biking, some racing, more riding, and connecting the dots on the deeper experiences through the lens of the bicycle.

IG & Twitter: @slaxsonMTB (IG & TW)



6x US National Team Member for MTB World Championships

2x US Olympic Long Team Member

2x US National Championships Medalist

2015 Pan Am Games Competitor

4x BC Bike Race Silver Medalist
9-year (and current) member of the Kona Bicycles Factory Endurance Team
pc: Patrick Means (@patrick_means)

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Sarah Sturm

People call her Sturmy, or Sarie Bear, both nick names are extremely intimidating. Sara lives in Durango, CO with her bf Dylan and dog Norman. She participate heavily in mountain activities, especially those that involve two wheels. Sarah first discovered the mountains and all of their splendor after moving to Durango 10 years ago for school. Rather than picking up riding then racing, she jumped right in by joining the cycling team, racing her way into the sport. From track and road to mountain and cyclocross- that was just the beginning! Now she coaches the little groms of Durango and leads mental health initiatives within women's cycling.

Sarah is always looking for new challenges like throwing herself into some sweetly terrifying enduros, bike-packing adventures, or cyclocross mayham. She loves the challenege mentally and physically, pushing herself to work hard to improve, but finds joy in being the one who skids down the mountain slower than everyone else. For her, cycling is all about the places she gets to see and the people she gets to meet.


Mark Turner

Mark Turner aka (Turns) is an Australian based mountain biker who has been riding for more than 25 years.

A former rescue helicopter crewman he is now a trail builder, PMBI qualified MTB coach / guide and is also a medic for TRANS NZ enduro race.

He also was a test rider and contributor for AMB magazine back in the day and has spent plenty of time riding the steeps of the Sea to Sky region of BC and Whistler is his second home.

Riding dirt, waves and snow is his thing, as well as craft beer.

IG: @turnstyle75

pc: @woody_nz


Ethan Rothermel

Ethan is an up and coming Enduro shredder from Monroe, Georgia. He’s been riding bikes nearly all of his 16 short years before diving into the Enduro/MTB scene. Currently Ethan is busy crushing it on the Oconee County NICA team.

Ethan has his dad to thank for encouraging him to give XC racing a try, which has now evoloved into a full blown MTB addiction. Ethan loves riding, his dog Luke, and chasing podiums all over the East. He hopes to grow his skills and presence on the Enduro circuit for years to come!

IG: red_clay_mtb


Steve Fisher

After years of racing as a pro roadie, Steve finally saw the light and decided to get wild. In 2018 he began dabbling in the PNW Enduro scene and hasn’t looked back. Now officially battling it out in the Pro CDC category, he’s loving loving the baggies lifestyle.

Never one to shy away from danger, Steve now enjoys hurling himself down the gnarliest of terrain while chasing Strava segments and kissing puppies along the way.

When he’s not out getting shreddy, Steve is a proud cat dad to Livvy and Jeff, a member of the High Above team, and the owner of a road bike collecting dust in his garage.

IG: steveradfisher


Ikhide Ikhigbonoaremen

Ikhide grew up in Westchester County, NY but now lives in foothills of Boulder, CO. He got into mountain biking in middle school, ca. 2004, after seeing classmates jumping down the stair outside school. Back then, he had never seen a mountain bike with suspension and asked if he could take a spin. Coming from BMX, Ikhide felt comfortable and was soon hucking down stair sets, hitting drops to flat. Ikhide then started working at the local bike shop sweeping floors, breaking cardboard, and learning the ways of the shop. He eventually saved up enough money for his first real bike- a Kona Scab. The rest is history. These days, he shreds all over CO aboard a custom built Evil Calling and loves spending summer days at Keystone and Trestle bike parks. Ikhide is Co- founder of the @AllMountainBrothers initiative- a community platform to help spread diversity in the cycling world. He loves meeting talented people from different parts of the country and like-minded people focused on chasing their dreams through passion and sports.

IG: @mans_not_hot____ & @ Allmountainbrothers


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